Neon Magpie Spring Stationery Launch 2021

We are launching over 100 new products and we can't wait to show you! 


We have been working super hard over the past few months to create the largest range of products we have released since we first started. Not only do we have new designs for cards but we have loads of brand new products not done by Neon Magpie before. On Sunday the 30th of May at 8.30pm everything will become available on our website!

Here is a sneak peak at what to expect. 

Pencil Cases 

We are so excited to share this next step of Neon Magpie. We have five new pencils cases all with a printed themed pattern. These Pencil cases are all hand made with love and care in in our studio by Megan. Our biggest issue with these pencils cases in our son keeps trying to steal them for his crayons!



Pencil Case Fillers 

We have some new pens and pencils which we think is perfect to go along side our beautiful colouring books. We have loads fun rulers, pencils, pens and erasers that are perfect with your brand new Neon Magpie pencil case. 








Feeling Fruity?

We have a new fruit and vegetable range which features a selection of our favourite foods. This playful range has wrapping paper, rulers & notebooks. 




New Cards
What else would you expect from Neon Magpie? This launch has over twenty brand new cards. And Birthdays are no exception. We have lots of new gold foil cards with lots of creatures ready to celebrate.



Seed Cards 

We have grown our range of seed cards. These cards are full of life and a great way to stand out in the bunch. 









Scottish Occasion Cards? Braw Idea! 

We have created a new range of Scottish occasion greetings. These are a playful take on Scotland inspired by our pride of being a Scottish based business. 


Paper Clips 

Be prepared to see some of the cutest paper clips ever! We are so proud to be able to offer these little tins of joy!  








Why the Launch?

We have decided to change things up in the day to day running of Neon Magpie. Normally we would release new products in dribs and drabs when we made new things.

Although there might occasionally be a time when we do this, going forward our hope is that we will have a few launches a year with lots of new products. We hope this will help us be more focused on creating new and exciting things for people to enjoy.

This year we hope to have a further two launches one in the summer and one in autumn. We have lots of new ideas and we can't wait to share them! 

What would you like from us? Have you got the idea for our next launch? Then let us know, we love to hear from our customers especially if it's about new ideas! 

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