Top 5 Dinosaur Etsy Finds

1. Diplodocus Dinosaur Necklace

Kicking off our dinosaur Etsy finds is this gorgeous necklace is available at Wild Aurora Charms for £4.

2. Dinosaur Candle Holders

I'm looking forward to my next birthday so I can get these dinosaur candle holders for my cake. They are £3.95 from Love Pieces of Eight.

3. Chocolate Dinosaur Egg

What could be better than a chocolate dinosaur in a chocolate egg?! From Henley Chocolates for £3.95.

4. Dinosaur Mason Jar Night Light

Next on our list of dinosaur Etsy finds is this beautiful night light is from Bear Claw Co. for £14.99.

5. Styracosaurus Plant Pot

Gardening doesn't get much better than this dinosaur plant pot from What Jesse Did, £8.

Don't forget that you can also get lots of cool Neon Magpie dinosaur things on Etsy too like this Dinosaur Alphabet print for £10.

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