Top 5 Unicorn Etsy Finds

1. Geometric Unicorn Necklace

We are staring our Unicorn Etsy Finds list with this gorgeous necklace from Shany Design Sudio, £25.

2. Unicorn Balloon Kit

We think these are brilliant! Found at It's A Party on Etsy for £12.

3. Wooden Unicorn Head 

Next up on the Unicorn Etsy finds list is this great wooden unicorn head is from The Crafty Cow Ltd, £14.95.

4. Geometric Unicorn Clock

We'll have one of these for the studio please. On Etsy from Gifts All Mapped Out for £25.

5. Knit Your Own Unicorn Head Kit

Finally on our Unicorn Etsy Finds list we have this amazing Knit Your Own Unicorn Kit. You can find it on Sincerely Louise for £36.

You can also find all our Neon Magpie unicorn products on Etsy like our new A6 notebook set, £6.


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